Do you like the world of virtual flight? Do you want to test yourself in the work of air traffic controllers? Would you like to belong to a good community? If all three answers yes, then vACCHUN is the place you are looking for!

The following provides help for the registration

VATSIM registration

As a first step, you need to register for the VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) network here: .

With registration in VATSIM, you have to accept and acknowledge the VATSIM network policy. As soon as your registration is done, you receive an email with the following steps to complete the process.

vACCHUN registration

If you would like to use the Hungarian airspace at our vACCHUN, you can submit your application via the "Contact" menu item on the website.

VATEUD registration

VATEUD is the organization that coordinates the air traffic control groups of countries on the European continent. The third step is to register with this organization, during which you must declare that you want to join to the Hungarian division.
You can do this via the following link after logging in to the interface with your VATSIM ID and password:

Download Euroscope

A Euroscope, Csernák Gergely által készített légiforgalmi irányító radarszoftver amely segítségével a hálózaton kezeljük Magyarország légiforgalmát. Ahhoz, hogy képzésünket megkezd, szükség van erre a szoftverre.
A program pontos beállításaiban, oktatóink fognak segíteni, továbbá bármilyen kérdésed van készséggel állnak rendelkezésedre.


In order to work in VATSIM network, you should to take part in theoretical and practical training held by vACCHUN instructors.

Application requires at least mid-level written and spoken English to ensure you can communicate with foreign pilots.

Knowledge in any field of aviation is an advantage!


As soon as you gained the appropriate knowledge, you can work in the network in accordance your level.

You still have questions?

Contact us via the "Contact" menu the website, we do our best to answer you.