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The vACC Hungary team is an organization operating on the international network, VATSIM, which provides air traffic services to Hungarian and foreign pilots flying in the Hungarian virtual airspace. Anyone can join the VATSIM network who is willing to learn how to practice civil aviation and air traffic control like our colleagues in the real world. We are looking forward the application of new controllers in the vACCHUN team, who are committed to occasionally provide control over the Hungarian airspace - find many useful documents for joining and learning on this website. The pilots also find a lot of useful information, documents and accessories.

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Would you like to fly with an Airbus A320 or Boeing B737-800, but you don’t have the opportunity to fly in the real world? Here you can try yourself in the real environment.

Air traffic controlling
You’d rather interested in controlling the planes? Whether you're a real or virtual pilot, with us at any time you can try to be the "conductor" of the airspace. 
Our instructors help you to learn the basics for flight or air traffic control, tailored to your time. For more information on how to do this, see the Pilots or Controllers menu "About the trainings" item.
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Would you like to fly in a heavy traffic? Are you interested in the news about the team?
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The team

Rozsenberszki Dávid
Dávid Rozsenberszki

Director - ACCHU01

David is responsible for the general operation, arrange and coordinate the entire VACCHUN organization. david.rozsenberszki@vacchun.hu

    Bozi Bence
    Bence Bozi

    Director of Training Department - ACCHU02

    Bence is responsible for organizing the trainings for pilots and ATC, as well. td@vacchun.hu

      Tasi Barnabás
      Barnabás Tasi

      Event Coordinator - ACCHU03

      Barni koordinálja az eseményekkel és rendezvényekkel kapcsolatos tennivalókat events@vacchun.hu

        Süle Balázs
        Balázs Süle

        Membership Director - ACCHU04

        Balázs arranges the recruitment of the new members and controls the activity of colleagues on the network membership@vacchun.hu

          Csernák Gergely
          Gergely Csernák

          EuroScope developer- ACCHU06

          Gergő is the developer of EuroScope client that is used worldwide for air traffic controlling

            Galyassy Tamás
            Tamás Galyassy

            Marketing Manager - ACCHU07

            Tamás keeps in touch with all partners of vACCHUN

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