The training is provided separately, for each position according to your own schedule. It is up to you how much time you get to go!

Positions? What positions? It’s not only one person who serves all planes in the airport or in the country. The first level is the so-called Delivery Controller. Above the first level, Ground is the controller responsible for rolling the planes on the ground. Moving a step, we find controller the Tower, who deals with the airplanes on the ground and provides the take-off and landing permits to the planes

Next level, Approach, the near-area control, directs the appropriate high for taking off and landing planes, within a pre-defined area. The top level, called the Center, also known as the high-altitude controller, who controls planes at their altitudes throughout the country, whether it arrives, departs, or even flies through.

What should I do?

To be allowed to control the Hungarian airspace on the VATSIM network and become a Hungarian virtual air traffic controller, you have to participate in theoretical and practical training held by the vACCHUN instructors.

VACCHUN has documents to help you gain theoretical knowledge and our instructors give you the opportunity to gain practical experience. Our training consists of several stages, with online and offline practice and a well-functioning examination system to help you progress on the virtual air traffic control track. Our aim is to train virtual air traffic controllers to now and in the future, who will further enhance the high quality of our service, which is recognized worldwide.

Training Course:

  • Theoretical training: Acquiring sufficient theoretical knowledge to begin practical training.
  • Offline Practical Training: At this stage of the training, you will first learn about using Euroscope radar software, solving various simulation exercises, and learning how to deal with various emergencies. After each exercise, our instructors give you a written evaluation, which includes your % of performance and a written assessment: about developments and eliminated. These reviews will help you to see what mistakes you made and what you need to avoid or develop. At the same time, of course, self-confidence can be built from continuous feedback, as you will not only get feedback on poor performance.
  • • Online Practice: As soon as you have successfully completed the practical training, you have gained sufficient experience with the supervision of an instructor to control the traffic on the VATSIM network.
  • Exam:: If you have completed all stages of our trainings and you feel ready for the exam, our instructors will submit you to an exam on your network. After a successful Practice Exam, you will get your VATSIM rating that you can control with no supervisor.

Controller Ratings:

  • S1: This rating is required to begin our practical training. To get this, look for our instructors.
  • S2: With this rating, you can get a Clearance Delivery Controller (CDC), a Ground Rolling Controller (GRC), or an AeroDrome Controller (ADC).
  • S3: By acquiring this, you can get an APProach controller (APP).
  • C1: This rating allows you to access the Area Control Center (ACC) service.
  • C3: Look for our instructors to get a rating.

If you like and would like to sign up, you can do it within the 'Contact' menu item.  The response letter will provide you with all the information you need.

We wish you all success! 🙂