Become a virtual air traffic controller! Join the vACCHUN team and be one of our member who manage and control over 10,000 flights per year on the virtual air traffic network.

Who are we?

VACCHUN is the Hungarian division of the VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network). Our team was established in 2001 and has been managing the flights enthusiastically and providing day-to-day professional network management for the airspace. The team is currently 15 people, and is continuously growing with newcomers to our trainings. Our members include professional, educated air traffic controllers who (got familiar with the profession with us) share their real experiences with us to monitor our activities and provide current information. We have organizing many exciting events, from memorable flights to meet with our foreign colleagues. Our aim is to organize the events in the future.


Find a small, familiar and organized team in our crew. If you are interested in the air traffic profession, it’s a good place for you to train together with our members who are dealing with the air traffic profession, on a daily basis. In addition, our entire team is working to turn the control environment to the real, as close as possible so only the airport is missing from your window. We get together several times during the official events, but most of our team keeps in touch with each other.

How does the trainings take place?

Trainings are performed by our dedicated crew. Our instructors are always at your disposal if you have questions and train you to the best of their knowledge.

How long it takes? The duration of the training depends on you, only. 

Are you interested? For more information on education, see Education‘ …